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Any business with a web link located in SOUTHERN AFRICA can complete the registration form. It is 100% FREE.

To maintain & manage the data we check the URL before we accept the registration form. It is not complex.

You add YOUR URL in the — Submission Pre Check — section on the REGISTRATION page. TIP : On the bottom of page.

If YOUR URL is not in the database you will be redirected to a registration form.

If YOUR URL is in the database you will be redirected to a support page. Send an enquiry to resolve any issues.

Complete the REGISTRATION form and we will MANUALLY verify and approve the listing.


Firstly we ask for your name and email address. We do NOT send any marketing emails or newsletters. Never.

Secondly we ask your business name, select a category, postal address, landline number, fax number and mobile number.

The next section details YOUR URL with some opportunity to add your own SEO title, description and tags. The URL is the most important.

The last section asks for more descriptive text, as well as more tags and an introduction 'punch' line as such. Go mad. It's YOUR BUSINESS.

PS : There is a NOTES section right at the bottom. Add more details, issues, questions etc to this section and we will communicate with you should there be any need.

PPS : The IMAGE BELOW should make it crystal clear.

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