— Register Your Business —

Southern Africa Business Directory is developed to publish manually checked and verified data for businesses in our Souhern African Business Database. Follow our submission guide and submit your business FREE today.

We keep our database clean, relevant and up-to-date, after successful registration your business listing will be published within 24 hours. We manually check the details we receive from registration forms, and we offer FREE assistance if required.

— Requirements To Register —

Basic requirements: modern up-to-date website with data published in English language. Businesses without websites can also register in our business database subscribing to our custom listing page service. We can also help businesses to find solutions to create modern company websites or update existing ones.

In Southern Africa Business Directory we allow to create only one listing page per business with the exception of franchises. Businesses with multiple location are allowed to create listing pages pointing to the same website url for each branch.

— Submission Pre Check —

Before filling the registration form please check whether your website url is already registered in our database. Copy the url in the field below and send your website url for a quick check. You will be redirected to the right location.

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